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News from NAC: Three Days in Paradise

Washington DC
August 8, 2017

The spring and early summer have seen a flurry of exciting events at Paradise at Parkside in Washington DC's Ward 7.  Read on for more details!

In early June, three ceremonial cherry trees were donated to Paradise through a partnership between the National Cherry Blossom Festival and Casey Trees. These trees join the 25 already donated by Casey Trees: the urban orchard surrounding the Paradise Peace Garden (featuring edible varieties like pawpaw, sweet cherry, and plum) and the willow oaks and red maples to provide shade in DC summers will eventually form a canopy to complement the growth and vibrancy of Paradise at Parkside.
The next step: a Farmers’ Council to envision and realize the long-term sustainability of the Paradise Peace Garden!


On April 17, residents gathered for the unofficial opening of the new Paradise Playground, a colorful and truly innovative structure featuring state-of-the-art Evos play systems components.  An Easter egg hunt and other activities rounded out a day of excitement and fellowship for all.  As these pictures show, the younger members of the Paradise community were ready to make the most of the occasion!  The official opening of the Paradise Playground took place amid sun, food, and festivity on June 10.

Please join us in celebrating the vibrancy and energy that is to be found at every turn in Paradise at Parkside.  Be sure to keep up with "News from NAC" for updates on activities there throughout the summer and beyond.

Photo Credits: Serenity Huff; Afnan Rashid; Chris Shelton.


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