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A Message from the Paradise Tenant Association

Dear Residents,

We had a very good meeting in July with the owner and we are waiting for her feedback as to what she is going to do about the tenant's concerns. We would like to thank the tenants for their support in coming out to the Tenant Association Meetings. Let’s not stop here; there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. We’ve asked management for the larger dumpsters to declutter the tenant's units so there is no hold up in fixing up the units. Cleanup starts on Friday, October 13th and runs through Sunday, October 15th. You need to mark your calendar and ask your family and friends to help you. The TA is talking to some organizations to see if we can get additional help. Some tenants have so much in their units, and it’s time to get rid of those items you cannot live with. Just a pathway may be a fire hazard and we would not want this to be in our heart if something happens to you or your loved ones. Also, mice multiple living in cluttered environments like this; we have churches that will come out and pick up things you don’t want. However, the stuff should be in reasonably good condition. Just let Mrs. Sheila Link know when you would like for those items to be picked up. She can be reached at: 202-640-3209. We have been told that some tenants have received letters from management about having too much property. If you have received one of these letters, please call Mrs. Link. The Tenant Association is always here if you need different types of services. Finally, we are looking for a secretary or just anyone who would like to help the board with their knowledge or skills. All are welcome!

Thanks for taking time to read this message,

Paradise at Parkside Tenant Association


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