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 Moving Forward for Career Opportunities 

  According to the National Reentry Resource Center, an organization that is working to support the re-entry efforts of returning citizens, “Federal, state, and local corrections facilities held nearly 2.2 million people at the end of 2015. An additional 4.7 million people were on probation or parole.”       If these numbers are not staggering enough, the center has also reported that “[a]t least 95 percent of people incarcerated in state prisons will be released back to their communities at some point.”  So, the question that begs to be asked is: What supports are available for them?             On October 19, 2017, Christopher Shelton of NAC hosted, “Moving Forward for Career Opportunities,” a roundtable discussion that focused on the needs of residents/citizens who were formerly incarcerated. The discussion was joined by Ms. Michele A. Faunteroy, reentry coordinator for Catholic Charities; Quincy Spruell, NAC Community Coordinator, and other concerned residents who held an interest in the subject.      “I think it was a good start,” said Mr. Shelton. It was a great discussion that focused on available resources and the ongoing fight of returning citizens to successfully reenter society. “It’s definitely a struggle,” said Spruell, who spent 25 years in for a crime he didn’t commit. Join the moving forward group this Thursday, November 16th at 6 pm for a screening of the highly acclaimed documentary 13th, directed by Ava Duvernay Look for postings regarding future discussions.


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