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Paradise Youth Institute Is Back! 

 After a summer filled with new adventures, the Paradise Youth Institute (PYI) is back in session. We are excited to bring opportunities for neighborhood youth to hang out with friends, join clubs, and gain new skills.       Under the careful direction of Mr. Andre Yancy, the Paradise Youth Institute began last summer – commencing on
June 26, 2017, and ending on July 28, 2017. Starting as a program for teens, the institute served more than 20 young people this year, ages 13-18, and will continue to focus on this age group during the school year.      During the summer program, the institute’s curriculum featured a different theme for every week. Week 2 of the program, for example, featured Digital Pathways. According to Mr. Yancy, the goal of Digital Pathways is to teach young people how “to harness technology in ways that can be both personally and professionally advantageous.” 

 Needless to say, these skills are essential in today’s technologically driven society.      Unlike this past summer, however, the institute will be offering a chance for a select group of younger students, ages 10-12, to participate in the PYI Junior Program. We are excited about this new part of the institute. 
     Some things we have planned are sports teams, gaming challenges, fashion design, movie nights, pizza parties, card tournaments, job training, dance troupe, open mic contest, photography club, and coding sessions.       Sessions primarily take place in the Computer Learning Center, at 3594 Hayes St., NE, Apt. 101 between the hours of 4:00pm - 6:30pm. Occasionally, there will be field trips and club meetings weekdays after 6:30pm and on weekends. Interested parents should seek more information from Mr. Andre Yancy. He can be reached at: 240-480-4090. 


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