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What is that New Box in the NAC Office?

What is that New Box in the NAC Office? 

If you have visited the Neighborhood Associates Office lately, you may have noticed a large locked container near the front door.  Many would mistake it for a trash can, but it's something of far greater value to you. It is a Professional Paper Shred-box for the community.      A shred box can help you to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft through the safe disposal of sensitive paper documents. Using a professional shredding box make sure that all your critical data is destroyed in a secure manner and there is nothing left behind.     
The box is locked, access is only by the professionals of Iron Mountain Shred Company. This box is better than having your documents tossed in the garbage, or the cost and maintenance of ownership for a shredding machine yourself. Please take advantage of this opportunity; it is convenient, free, and easy. Visit the NAC Office, next to the laundry room to ensure your document safety. Note, The ‘community clean up’ was a success! It will be back in the spring; look for an announcement regarding future dates in the New Year. Visit the NAC office, open daily Monday- Friday, 1-6 pm, next to the laundry room


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